August 6, 2014 I was walking through a rose garden and set of them caught my eye And it was as if they looked back and questioned "Why?" and told me to come say hi. I knew I had somewhere to be but these flowers spoke me They whispered a little bit louder saying, "I... Continue Reading →

Everyone is at work

The vulture soars high in the sky, around with its eyes scanning the ground. The green iguanas wanna blend into the grass, hoping to find an insect at last. The woodpecker creates a mural of holes on the sea grape tree And prances around looking for the next spot on his canvas to leave his... Continue Reading →

God made the wind

God made the wind He wanted to show how close he wants to be It caresses, kisses, and hugs every inch Every person, leaf, hair, feather, and scale God made the wind He wanted to show how big he is How can something unseen, impact so many at one soft, subtle swoosh. God made... Continue Reading →

I am Light

A ray, piercing your heart's tissue to the core. A revival of light brings love. A resuscitated you, arises as your arteries pump out new life. Veins can only hold so much in addition to its cargo of cells. But the extra loads don't add pounds... They light-en. I am light. A moon to your... Continue Reading →

1410 feet

When the horizon and the mountains are parallel When you they argue about which one should come first When insects chirp and birds squeal, and the leaves stir in to the harmony of worship When mountains become eye level When silence becomes peace When the wind soothes life's problems When it whispers When it calls... Continue Reading →

Dance with Me​

He stretches his hand, pale palm faced up. His body & grin imploring a response. How could she say no? Like a father being asked for a ​hug from his child... An act of love exchanged on both sides. Her rosy cheeks produce a golden smile. Her mocha skin envelopes his patient hand. He reassures... Continue Reading →

Lessons from nature

A spider holding onto its web.  Yet, the wind holds its mercy back for no one.  The spider perseveres, but not by its own strength.  Its web needs to be flexible and strong. Just like friends.  The spider will need something--as we need someone--to hold on to during the storm.  A monarch flutters by, although... Continue Reading →

Pine Trees

God help me to be like the Pine Trees. Deeply rooted into your Earth. Despite wind, rain, or hurricane, these trees stand strong and remain resilient. But there is a majesty in the way they move. Despite wind, rain, or hurricane, they sway. With hand-like branches raised, to praise your holy name. Lord, ​I pray…... Continue Reading →


I'm thankful that your Word tells us to meditate. The peace that comes with it, is incredible. I feel close. Loved. Honored. VIP access to your wonder, power and ability. As I meditate, sometimes the rain falls and I'm reminded that you call the clouds and send them where creation cries of thirst. Despite the... Continue Reading →

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