Dance with Me​

He stretches his hand, pale palm faced up.
His body & grin imploring a response.

How could she say no?
Like a father being asked for a ​hug from his child…
An act of love exchanged on both sides.

Her rosy cheeks produce a golden smile.
Her mocha skin envelopes his patient hand.

He reassures her his wings will bring comfort.
As they fly across the dance floor.

Music was made by the RHYTHM in his steps
AND as he led under the BLUES of the skies.

“God must be an amazing dancer,” she notes.
As his son makes his Father proud.

Never let me go.
I love the way you lead me.
I can’t​ leave this dance, nor do I want to…
We will follow our true conductor together.
Your foot…
Then mine.


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