August 6, 2014

I was walking through a rose garden and set of them caught my eye

And it was as if they looked back and questioned “Why?” and told me to come say hi.

I knew I had somewhere to be but these flowers spoke me

They whispered a little bit louder saying, “I have a lesson to teach you and those things can just wait.”

So I stopped my stroll that most people consider a sprint and reminded myself, “Hope, you’re not training for the military!” There’s no way they’d get me to enlist.

So I started to list-en and opened my ears and these flowers started spittin’…
Some blossomed before my eyes, some had already matured, and a few of them hid themselves but I was not exactly sure why?

As beautiful as the ones were that had matured, it was that ones that were closed that screamed loudest for my attention. 

Ready or not? 

Here I come…you can’t hide?

I’m gonna findddddd you and…

Take. it. slowly.
Those were the words that stamped my eardrum like a watermark.

Soft but yet loud of enough to see it.

I could see through the slits of these closed-eye buds that underneath it’s pseudo-shell that there was a heart, vulnerable yet strong.
A heart that couldn’t be seen through the maturated petals, bright and bold.
Its​ heart was covered, hidden, its story protected, not ready to be told. 
This flower was once young and its’ story had been sold
Sold to the media who slander against its very fold.
Those who envied its unblemished beauty
Forced it to be alone, left exposed to the beating of the cold.

It reminded me of myself.
And how if my Savior hadn’t set​ me​ up on the shelf,
That my heart too would have been beaten and bruised​.

But He covered me when I was cold.
And He suffered the lashes from the hail,
Which wouldn’t have mercy upon my young, soft heart. 
It would try to beat​ me down and hurt my esteem from sin’s start.

Sin’s heartbeat​​ me from my first attempt at​ growth out of this boisterous bunches’ pouch.
But Christ had me covered with this wall of greenery
In attempts of tricking my predators’ plan to plant the seed of deceit in me.

But like this bud,​ I left open a slit seeking to show my skin like my sisters.
I saw their colors bring all kind of attention.

Bringing a stream of bugs as if there was a cistern.
But I wanted to be splashed with the coolness of success.
Left with water droplets as a modern-day​ temptress.

Wanted these annoying beetles to be stressing me.
When all I wanted to them to do was be ready to leave. 
Because they hadn’t even blossomed out of their own tree.
And I was too scared of their bark that might creep up to bite me.


Photo Credit: Jeremy Allouche

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