I am Light

A ray, piercing your heart’s tissue to the core.
A revival of light brings love.
A resuscitated you, arises as your arteries pump out new life.

Veins can only hold so much in addition to its cargo of cells.
But the extra loads don’t add pounds…
They light-en.
I am light.

A moon to your sorrow, pain, & your mistakes.
A blinding effect to over all wrong.
An​ afterglow that continues to show. ​

Fireworks scream love to those who witness them.
They shout with joy, displaying the glory of their Creator.
They light up.
I am light.

A whisper at the end of the tunnel.
A kiss upon your lips, shone, outweighing the darkness.
A hug, hard-pressed on every side.

Only an artist could splash the right together colors to make you.
The king who designed a red heart, that pumps blue.
They bring light.
You are my light.


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